22 October 2012

Movies: Safe

Safe (2012) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1656190/

Jason Statham Action Thriller

That's right. Jason Statham gets his own category of action thriller.

If you've seen any of "The Transporter" films, or most any other action film starring Jason Statham as the central character that has to get from point A to point B, kick ass along the way, and save someone else's life in the process, you've seen this film.

The safe in the title "Safe" refers to a young Chinese girl named Mei that is a photographic-memory-math-wiz employed (as in utilized, not hired) by the Triads to keep all their transactions in her head instead of on a computer. After Mei is given a coded message the Association of Corrupt N.Y. Cops and the Russian Mob are very interested in getting her to get said message from her brain.
So, of course, Jasan Statham puts his life as a cage fighter on hold to save Mei from all three bad organizations.

Seriously this could have been a Transporter sequel. All they'd have to do is change up a little bit of Statham's character's back-story. Sequel or not, it is way better than "Transporter 2", even though "Safe" and "Transporter 2" are basically Statham saving a young kid from bad guys.

What's left to review? Nothing, really. It's a stock Statham action thriller flick. You get what you anticipate. Easily a 7/10 on the Statham scale, using "In the Name of the King" as the baseline worst Statham flick.

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