26 September 2012

Movies: Meeting Evil

Meeting Evil (2012) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1810697/


John returns home after being fired from his real estate job. He checks the mail, throws away all the past due bill notices. The house seems empty, so he pours himself a drink. His wife and kids jump out and yell "Surprise!" which scares him into dropping his scotch. He's not in the best of moods so his wife takes the kids to the park. After they leave there's a knock on the door. A man named Richie says his car stalled in front of the house, could John give him a push to get it started?  Nice non-confrontational guy that he is, John gives the car a push, but the backfire from the car starting rips into his leg. Richie offers to drive John to the hospital, but instead takes him on a killing spree.

Stars Luke Wilson and Samuel L. Jackson. I bet you can guess who plays John and who plays Richie.  But that works for this film because you don't have to learn much about their characters to know their characters.
My guess is that production blew their casting wad landing Wilson and Jackson for their roles. It was money well spent.  Luke Wilson plays the everyman as he does so well.
But the icing on the cake is Samuel L. Jackson at his Samuel L. Jacksoniest.

Sure the John character lets himself be put into situations that make you want to slap him for being so stupid as to put himself in to those situations in the first place. A lot of the dialog, especially from the supporting cast, just left me wondering, "who actually talks like that?"  But so what. I enjoyed the film more for the performances and wanting to see how everything works out through to the end. I wanted answers to the questions, especially why the heck did Richie just show up and drag John along on a killing spree. We get those answers. And we even get a great double "Checkov's Gun" from the moment John gets home and takes a look in his backyard.

So yeah, maybe a bit iffy on some dialog and some plot points and casting Wilson and Jackson telegraphs what those characters are about. But at least the plot is consistent through to the end and the performances from Wilson and Jackson make up for the rest.  An entertaining thriller especially if you enjoy watching Samuel L. Jackson make those crazy eye scarey faces and ooze batshitinsansity from every pore of an otherwise calm exterior.

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