19 August 2012

Movies: Jesus Henry Christ

Jesus Henry Christ (2012) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1393742/


Young Henry James Herman is something of a prodigy. He has a photographic memory, very high IQ, started talking at 9 months old, etc. He lives with his mother and wonders why he has no father, but mother won't talk about it. For his 10th birthday Henry's grandfather gives him a newspaper clipping about Henry when Henry was a baby, a history that Henry's mother has hidden from Henry his whole life. From that clipping Henry finds out he's a test-tube baby, so Henry sets out to find out who is his biological father.

It stars Toni Collette as Henry's mom, Jason Spevack as Henry, Michael Sheen as Dr. O'Hara and Samantha Weinstein as Audrey O'Hara. I've not seen Spevack nor Weinstein in anything before but they did well in their roles, even though I thought they both looked familiar I didn't recognize anything they've already been in, so (shrug). Collette and Sheen are much more recognizable. Sheen was Lucian in the "Underworld" films and Collette has been in tons of stuff.

This is one of those quirky indie comedies, but quite cute and heartfelt. Its solid core cast really makes this film work well. Yes, it is a feel-good film. It is amusing, entertaining, has its funny moments. Probably a decent enough family film. The title makes sense by the time you get to the last act of the film.  It sort of fits on the same shelf as "Little Miss Sunshine", which if you haven't yet seen is worthwhile, especially if you enjoy good cute feelgood indie comedies. It is just coincidence that Toni Collette is also the mom in "Little Miss Sunshine".

So yeah, recommended for amusing lighthearted comedy night, as is "Little Miss Sunshine" if you haven't seen that either.

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