08 August 2012

Movies: Chronicle

Chronicle (2012) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1706593/

Sci-fi Fantasy Thriller Drama

Three high school students develop telekinetic powers after standing too close to a glowing mysterious crystal thingamabob.  The more they play with these powers the stronger they become, pretty much superheroic powers. But with great power comes great mistakes. Yeah you thought I was going to say 'responsibility'. But these are teens. Their brains still haven't developed the ability to process risk vs. reward efficiently* and their extra powers just make 'em a little more extra dangerous. * Now that is brain science - look it up.
One of the kids uses his camcorder to document everything they discover they can do, although some footage is cut in from other sources. We're basically seeing the coherent edited-together story.

Yeah, sure the powers come from some mystery thingamadoober of possible alien origin buried underground, but that don't make it sci-fi. Just clarifying why I crossed out sci-fi up there.

I began watching the film expecting it to be a not-so-good teen film with an obvious and absurd exploration of teens suddenly having super telekinetic powers. Well, it was still sort of teen-angsty, but it was a bit better of a film than I anticipated.  I liked how the three handled their newfound powers in different ways and with different levels of maturity. Now the third kid Steve, well, his character was slightly less developed than the cousin-friends Matt and Richard. He seemed a little less like a third pillar to hang the film on than a supporting prop inserted for a plot point.

Regardless of some of the film's flaws it is an enjoyable watch. And thankfully it isn't any sort of X-Men+Twilight mashup either. Less comic-booky than most new-found-superhero-powers-films.

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