30 July 2012

Movies: Safe House

Safe House (2012) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1599348/

Action Espionage Thriller

Young Matt Weston is a CIA agent that spent the last 12 months uneventfully managing a "safe house" in South Africa. After rogue CIA agent Tobin Frost turns himself in to the U.S. consulate, Matt finds himself in a position to do more than just answer the phone.  Soon after Frost arrives at the safe house armed gunmen storm the place looking for Frost. Weston escapes with Frost in tow, trying to deliver Frost safely to CIA control.

There's a bit more going on in to spur the story along, but I'll leave those details to the viewers. Those details do provide an engine to drive this story.

Stars Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern, Blade 3, Buried, Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Van Wilder, etc) as Weston. Denzel Washington (all kinds of good stuff) as Frost. Plus Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter's Mad-Eye Moody) and Vera Farmiga (Source Code, Orphan*, etc).

Technically - very good film. Good camera work, good settings, great action and fight sequences, very admirable car chase scene. Acting - out of the park. Reynolds can really deliver a performance when needed and held up well next to Washington. The story - most folks can probably figure out the way things are going to go and who's behind what, but it doesn't detract. We've just seen too many films that work out that way.

A good choice for an action or thriller film mood.


* Note: I haven't reviewed Orphan but I'm going to take a moment to plug it. See the film. It's bonkers.

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