08 June 2012

Movies: Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant (1997) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119947/

Straight out of the pages of the Sunday comics, in the age of King Arthur in Camelot, comes a story about young squire Prince Valiant as he

I can't do this. After 20 minutes I couldn't stand watching this film any more and stopped. I tried. I really tried to finish it. I just couldn't. It was terrible.

Stars Stephen Moyer (Vampire Bill in True Blood) as Valiant and Katherine Heigl as Princess Ilene - she's famous for Roswell or Grey's Anatomy or somesuch stuff now but I doubt she was back when she made this film.
Oh, and Joanna Lumley as Morgan Le Fey. I thought I recognized her but couldn't remember so I looked her up. She was Purdy in "The New Avengers" TV series. A series I thought I liked until I saw the original "The Avengers" and Emma Peel was so much more mmmmm than Purdy.
Also has Ron Perlman as Boltar the pirate or some shit - I dunno - that's about where I stopped watching it.

Prince Valiant. It sucked so bad I couldn't finish watching it. You're in luck, Netflix doesn't have it. I don't even know if it is available on DVD.

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