02 June 2012

Movies: Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1302011/


Panda Po Ping and the Furious Five take on a Peacock villain to stop him from taking over China with a new weapon. Po also begins to remember his past and how he came to live with Mr Ping.

As animated films go, this is a good one. I think I liked this installment is even better than the first one. It isn't often a sequel is as good or better than its predecessor, but they pulled it off with this film.

I was wary about the first film but it won me over and I had no qualms about watching the second. Plus the story leaves an opening for a possible third installment. DreamWorks animated films have been getting better and better as they seem to be focusing more on good story telling with a good cast as opposed to having a bunch of flashy colorful crap with songs thrown together.

Not much else to say - they're good, fun, entertaining films. Watch 'em. Especially if you have kiddos.

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  1. I wasn’t heavily invested in seeing Po attain the goal of “finding himself” in the first film, which is why I liked the meaningless action in this sequel. The scenes were planned out as well as any other blockbuster action movie filmed in real life. It was a perfect movie for watching when I had time throughout the day, on my iPhone. I watch a lot more movies and shows with the Remote Access App I have on my iPhone and Galaxy Tab. One of my Dish co-workers gave me a Sling Adapter a while ago and now I love the convenience of watching on the go.