16 June 2012

Movies: In My Sleep

In My Sleep (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0326965/

Mystery Thriller

Marcus has had parasomnia his whole life, which is a fancy way of saying he's a sleepwalker. You know, stuff like he awakens naked in a cemetery, awakens post-coital with his best friend's wife, awakens covered in blood next to a bloody knife. The usual sleepwalking stuff people do.
Actually those incidents were quite terrifying for him. So he does the logical thing and begins attending sex-addicts anonymous meetings and asks his upstairs neighbor Becky to handcuff him to the bed at night.

Stars Philip Winchester as Marcus, Lacey Chabert as Becky, and quite a few other folks I don't really recognize. Chabert I recognize as being cast member Claudia of Party of Five - a show I never watched but am aware exists. And Winchester I recognize from "Camelot" and "Strike Back". And although I've not reviewed "Strike Back" I would recommend it as an entertaining enough action series involving super secret spy strike force mayhem guns explosions fighting. It's a series on Cinemax, so you know it also has lotsa butts and boobies.

Back to "In My Sleep". This is one of those films that's a production quality step above B-movie fare yet doesn't have the star power box office crushing might of A-list films. The cast did okay, the script wasn't groundbreaking, the music is a bit grand and intrusive, production and locations are effective. Which is fine. It is an entertaining enough film, throws enough misdirections your way to keep you guessing. 

Not a bad choice for something to watch when in the mood for a relaxing and non-taxing mystery thriller.

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