09 May 2012

Movies: Lucky

Lucky (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1473397/


Ben Keller is a mousy sort of man that nobody notices and he's been in love with Lucy since they were neighbor children playing "Dukes of Hazzard" together. On the other hand as adults Lucy barely tolerates Ben's existence until he wins a $36 million lottery. What we've also learned by this point is that Ben is an occasional serial killer, and the winning lottery ticket happens to have been bought by his most recent victim. The news stories covering the missing woman's disappearance have also linked two other disappearances. All the women are in their 20s, blonde hair, 5'-6" to 5'8" in height and about 120-140 lbs. They also happen to be ringers for Lucy.
After being dumped by her boyfriend Lucy quickly warms up to Ben in an obvious bid to get at the cash. Blinded by his childhood love for her they are married within a couple of months. After Ben and Lucy fight about finances during their Hawaiian honeymoon Ben kills a maid that fits the profile. Only this time Lucy happened to see him do this. Fueled by her greed she hides the deed.

And the rest of the film continues on following Lucy's attempts to manage the situation.

So I suppose it's a dark farcical comedy.  I didn't spoil anything about the film, the film's description doesn't try to hide that it's about a serial killer winning the lottery and pursuing his lifelong crush.

Stars Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks' son) as Ben, Ari Graynor as Lucy. Ann-Margaret is Ben's mother. I didn't recognize Ms. Graynor, though apparently I've seen her in a few flicks already, specifically  "An American Crime" and "Whip It" and "Conviction". Now knowing that I still don't remember her.
The awesome Jeffrey Tambor is in here too as the police detective, although he's not on screen near enough to capitalize on his talents.

I liked the premise of the film - a serial killer wins the lottery and his new wife finds out about him. The film never really takes off, though. It just idles along from start to finish.  Half an hour in and I was still waiting for the film to get interesting, though I did stick it out to the end. I guess part of my problem with the film was I didn't particularly like any of the characters. Ben was too much of a mama's boy, too mousy, didn't seem anywhere near assertive enough nor psycho enough to be a serial killer, let alone a successful one. Yeah he was a bit disconnected from reality, but it isn't really apparent until he does something outside of the norm, like kill someone. Lucy's not very likable either, she's a codependent gold-digger that can't control her greed as motivation even after she admits that greed is the only reason why she married him.
The technical aspects of the film are fine. The character acting is sort of exaggerated, but it fits the tone of the film. I'm pretty sure Hanks and Graynor played their parts the way they were supposed to play them.

Despite the plot's absurdity the humor is so low-key it's practically flat. I can see what humor it goes for, I just didn't feel amused. It was entertaining enough to finish I suppose, but I doubt I'll stop and watch it again if I happen to catch it broadcast on a channel sometime.

Heck, "American Psycho" has more laugh-out-loud moments and that's something considering it's dark cynical humor really isn't tuned for LOL moments.  Best bet - watch "American Psycho" instead.

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