19 May 2012

Movies: Giallo

Giallo (2009) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1107816/

Thriller horror

After her sister disappears Linda goes to the police. As she describes the circumstances around her sister's disappearance they send her to the basement to talk to detective Enzo Avolfi. Apparently he's the go-to guy when it comes to serial killers and he's been tracking this dude for a while. Despite Enzo's telling Linda to go home and wait she insists on tagging along as they try to find her sister before she becomes the killer's next victim.
Yeah - that last bit didn't make sense to me either. She already disappeared. For some reason her sister held on to the hope she wasn't killed just yet.

Stars Adrien Brody as Det. Enzo. Emmanuelle Seigner as Linda. I recognized Brody 'cause he's been getting a lot of work lately, and Seigner from the 1999 Roman Polanski film "The Ninth Gate" (decent film btw). Brody also plays the serial killer known as "Yellow (Giallo)" Not in the "cop-is-the-killer-twist" sort of way, but as the actor is wearing a mask and grunting in a stereotypical Italian-speaks-broken-English sort of way. Perhaps the film's budget was blown on Brody and Seigner 'cause the rest of the cast looked rather sad (acting-skillz-wise) next to 'em.
But the cast wasn't the only problem. The story was rather predictable and wonky too. I sort of expected more from a Dario Argento flick, but it wasn't happening. Overall the film looked like a B movie: B movie script, B movie camera work, B movie supporting actors, B movie practical effects, B movie editing. But it looked A-movie crisp. So they had good cameras.
The story tried to have back story for Det. Enzo, to explain why he's the go-to-serial-killer-detective that's Italian but raised in New York City (also explaining his "accent"). It didn't add to the main story, it didn't add to the character. Even Linda's story was boring. If "Yellow" had a story, it was boring too. I think my brain switched off rather early.

Considering the names behind the flick (Brody, Argento) one would anticipate a stronger film. That's why I even watched it in the first place. The description was sortof intriguing: "yellow-skinned serial killer". I suppose it dug up memories of "Sin City" or something. It had Adrien Brody, who generally is more of a 'hit' actor than 'miss' actor. And Dario Argento at the helm - he's had successes in the past. I expected to be in for a confluence resulting in a decent film. Boy was I wrong. Lesson learned.

Wasted my time. I was bored 15 minutes in to the film, stuck it out to see if it got better. It didn't.

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