31 May 2012

Movies: Contraband

Contraband (2012) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1524137/


Chris Farraday was a smuggler but got out of the biz and went legit to support his wife and kids. And his dad is in the prison. And his best friend used to smuggle with him and quit too and now goes to AA meetings. Briggs is the brother of a dude that used to go smuggling with Chris. Chris warned his wife's brother to stay out of the smuggling biz but he does it anyway. Yeah - sort of an everyone knows everyone multi-generational close knit group of folks.
Chris's wife's brother decided to do some smuggling for Briggs and almost got caught so he dumped the stash in the water before the customs folks could find it. Of course that causes problems with Briggs so he threatens to go after Chris's wife and kids unless he gets paid for the lost product. Briggs won't back off, so to pay off Briggs Chris comes out of retirement to pull that one last job to get his family out of danger.  Chris's best buddy Sebastian is gonna hold down the fort and protect Chris's family while Chris, Chris's bro-in-law and part of his old smugglin' crew head down to Panama to smuggle back some counterfeit moneys.

Stars Marky Mark Wahlberg as Chris Farraday. Is that even funny to say any more? Or has everyone forgotten that Mark Wahlberg was once in 'New Kids on the Block' before starting 'Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch'? Ah well, as much as I never bothered to listen to his music I think he's been more successful as an actor.
We also get Kate Beckinsale as Farraday's wife, Ben Foster as best buddy Sebastian, Giovanni Ribisi as Briggs, even Lukas Haas. Yep, quite a cast of solid actors in this film.

No complaints about music, camera work, sets, direction, casting, script.  This is a solid dramatic thriller film with hints of heist / caper film from start to finish.  The heist / caper bit comes about when you try to figure out how he smuggles the moneys and drugs in to the country without getting caught. Of course in the end they show us how he did it just in case we weren't able to figure it out based on the clues dropped during the film, so no worries. Not especially groundbreaking in its genre, but not terrible at it either.

So yeah, although I was probably less than serious about the summary and stuff, it is decent and entertaining flick and should work fine for the thriller/caper movie night.  It's a capable flick, done well enough to watch and be entertained.

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