18 March 2012

Documentary: Life in a Day

Life in a Day (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1687247/


The call went out over YouTube for people to film their life on 24 July, 2010. 80,000 submissions from 192 nations and 4500 hours of footage later, this film was cut. Slices of life from around the world, all from the same day.

Amazing. Just amazing. How wonderful this world, how different everyone is, yet curiously how similar despite the differences. And for every second I saw of this 95 minute film I had to wonder how much of that 4500 hours of footage is equally compelling and missed out on? 
It isn't just clips thrown together randomly, there is a sense of order and common themes through the film, stitching together and changing as the day progresses.

I'm guessing just as varied as the clips are, different viewers will have different reactions to the film. Perhaps it hinges on one's ability to be interested in seeing what goes on outside one's immediate field of view.

The film in available to be watched in its entirety on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/movie?v=JaFVr_cJJIY&ob=av1n for free. It's also available on DVD and via Netflix streaming.
You can read more about how the film was put together at this Wikipedia article.

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