10 December 2011

Movies: X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1270798/

Fantasy Action Comic-book based(kindof)

Yet another X-Men franchise film, though this is a prequel to all of its predecessors. This one shows the assembling of the first X-Men team, how Professor X and Magneto first meet, establishes a deeper background story and explanations for some of the mutants we see in the preceding X-Men films. All of it starting around WWII and playing out through the Cuban Missile Crisis, rewriting a bit of real history in the context of the X-Men world.

All the cast for mutants appearing in all the previous films (save a couple of cameos) aren't in the film, they've been replaced with (logically) younger actors, but the new actors do a fine job. I think out of all the new cast Magneto and Mystique did best in foisting the mantles established by their predecessors. Xavier and Hank McCoy (Beast), not so much.

This film stays in the same wheelhouse of story lines established by the preceding X-Men films. As a stand-alone film it is enjoyable, in the context of all the X-Men films it is one of the better ones.

If you've been following the X-Men film franchise this is a worthy watch, even if you've flirted with avoiding it due to previous film let-downs. Its addition to the franchise keeps the series on the positive side where the 'whole of the series is greater than the sum of its parts', perhaps making up for some of the weaker sequel/prequel films.

Entertaining, good action scenes, solid CGI effects.

This was one of the many comic book to film adaptations that were released in 2011.   In this case being part of the quantity didn't seem to lessen the quality.

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