02 December 2011

Movies: Wrecked

Wrecked (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1316622/

Drama with hint of mystery

A guy wakes up in the passenger seat of a car. A wrecked car. One leg is trapped beneath the dashboard, a dead man is in the back seat. He has no memory of who he is or how he got there. As he looks for something to free himself he finds a credit card with a name on it, probably his name. He finds ID on the body in the back seat. As the radio still works, he tunes in whatever station he can while he tries freeing himself. He hears of a bank robbery where a teller was killed. He hallucinates people he can't identify, and smatterings of returning memories puts him in the bank robbery. The robber's names were broadcast over the radio as part of the police manhunt, and sure enough two of them match the ID on the dead body and the credit card the man found near him in the car.

Stars mostly Adrien Brody by himself, though there are other actors from time-to-time in the scattered resurfacing memories and in the hallucinations.

Not gonna say too much more, because it would give up too much of what happens in the film. Sort of a film that is like a 2006's "Unknown" meets "Buried".  Although, despite Adrien Brody, "Buried" was almost a better film and "Unknown" is a way better film.  This one was rather predictable and more boring than both "Unknown" and "Buried". Technically a good film with decent cinematography, locations, makeup, and the acting, but the pacing was a bit sluggish and, as I mentioned, the story was a bit predictable. Kudos to Brody for doing his own stunts.  Not a great film, not a terrible film, just this side of mediocre.

An easily forgettable film and I wouldn't put it on a 'must watch' list. But it isn't a terrible way to burn a Saturday afternoon if you're stuck for something to watch, though there is much better Saturday afternoon film fare to be had.

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