07 December 2011

Movies: Rango

Rango (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1192628/

Family friendly animated film

Rango is a lonely pet chameleon that is accidentally released in the middle of the desert.  He comes upon a town called "Dirt", an old movie-stereotype western town populated by local desert creatures and beset with drought problems. Rango's imagination and lies soon install him as town sheriff. As he bumbles along his way he begins to unravel the mystery behind the town's lack of water.

Stars Johnny Depp as the voice of Rango, and quite a few other well-known actors voicing major roles. What was nice about the voice casting was they matched the characters and was very effective. The casting wasn't used as an obvious vehicle to sell the film using the old "look what big name we have in this role" marketing tactic.

The animation is top-notch. They did that part right.  As a Nickelodeon film it is probably more for the kids than adults, though there are some humorous jokes only the adults will catch. Calls up plenty of old western film references, again to be lost on audiences who've not watched a lot of the western films from Hollywood's past.  Seemed a little slow to me at first, but once the film got going I just sat back to watch and forgot about the early pacing.

Was an enjoyable Saturday afternoon-type film. Not exactly a must-see film, but you won't go wrong watching it either.

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