12 December 2011

Movies: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1013860/

Comedy / Horror / Mystery

Dylan is a private detective. He also used to be the only human trusted to handle problems in the undead circles. Yes, vampires, werewolves, zombies and who knows what else are real in this world, except humankind doesn't know because the undead integrate into the human world and keep well hidden.  Dylan thought he had extracted himself from that world, only to be drawn in on a murder case that had a supernatural cause, a cause that ends up killing his partner, who returns as a zombie to help him.

Stars Brandon Routh as Dylan, you'd probably remember him most from the 2006 "Superman Returns" sequel*. You might recognize him from a couple of other films he's done since then, but he hasn't quite become the household name like his Superman predecessors. There's a couple other big-ish names in the film, but mostly little-knowns.

Apparently the film is based on a comic series, one I've not heard of. The film didn't inspire me to seek it out. Perhaps by not reading the comics I am missing out on how the film is supposed to 'feel'?  For a comedy it's not exactly, for adventure, action and mystery it's a little light on those aspects too.  Rather lightweight in all departments.
To me the film feels like a B-movie despite its $20million budget. Dunno what they spent that money on. Some of the makeup effects were okay I guess. It seemed like it applied 20 year old (or older) monster film techniques with smatterings of modern CGI to me. The vampires and werewolves were sort of light versions of the older hollywood-y style stereotypes and thankfully not Twilight-twinky-style. The zombies were a bit more cognizant of their condition than the standard zombie fare, more like Romero-style zombies with awareness plus the availability of food sources alternative to human flesh consumption. Regardless, all the different undeads were rather mediocre in many ways, but that's probably necessary to sell the 'integration of undeads in a human world' concept.
The film has its amusing moments, a few fight scenes, average dialog, okay story.  Credit where credit is due I think the efforts of the cast are all that stood between a film of mediocrity vs failure.

I wasn't greatly impressed, but as I didn't have much expectations going in to the film I wasn't sorely disappointed either. Just seemed like a big-costing production of a film that could've been made back in the '80s to ride the coattails of success from "An American Werewolf in London" and its  groundbreaking makeup and effects techniques.

Not a must-see film.  I finished watching it mostly because I started watching it, but probably would  not have missed out on much if I hadn't.  But watching to satisfy one's curiosity won't kill ya either. It is entertaining enough. Probably scary enough for youngun's that haven't already seen a bunch of real scary films.

* Yes, Superman Returns is a sequel to the franchise of four Christopher Reeve Superman films, not a reboot. Just a different cast. Unknown to me until this very moment is there exists another sequel to that franchise titled "Superman: Requiem" from 2011. Based on what little I've read "S:R" ignores events from Superman III and IV and incorporates characters from "Lois and Clark" and the comic books that weren't in the Christopher Reeve Superman films.
A November 11, 2011 release date in both US and UK. Still haven't heard anything about this film.  I see a statement that says "is a non-profit film for private use only and is not intended for sales of any sort." Apparently it is a fan-made film on a $20,000 budget.  That explains the whole new cast. The rights are still held by Warner Brothers, so they do know about it. For the curious - here's a trailer for the film.  Or, for the really brave, apparently it can be watched at http://themanofsteelisback.com/ in its whole one hour 22 minute entirety. 
Which I plan to do right after this review.
And I did. Read all about it here.

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