26 November 2011

Movies: Trust

Trust (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1529572/


A 14yr old girl who wants to make the volleyball team chats regularly with a 15yr old online male friend, who happens to also play volleyball. He gives her tips to improve her game and increase her chances to make the team. As she develops her crush on him he admits he's not 15, he's a little older. After an initial "WTF?" moment she forgives him. Then blah blah blah he convinces her to meet him at the mall, he's way older than she thought, he talks her into his car, a hotel room, bada-bing-bada-boom. The rest of the film covers the impact on the family dynamic, individual family member's ability to cope with events, stuff like that.

Stars Clive Owen as the Dad, Catherine Keener as the Mom, Liana Liberato as the preyed-upon teen.
Owen and Keener - solid actors, always good to see them in film. Liberato - never seen her, but she really delivers a great performance.
Bonus: Jason Clarke as the FBI agent. I first noticed him as Wysocki in "Chicago Code", but apparently he's been a busy actor since the mid-90s. Just in a lot of stuff I've never seen.
Directed by David Schwimmer. Yes, Ross from 'Friends' David Schwimmer. I think I've only seen one other thing he's directed, "Run, Fatboy, Run". I kinda forgot about that one. No matter, this film is better.

Whenever I see Clive Owen in a film I immediately think of three things. First, I think of this scene from the series Extras. Second I think of the film "Shoot 'em Up", which is probably one of the best action-movie lampoon films out there. Third, I think of Karl Pilkington's film idea from the Ricky Gervais show. But I'm getting off topic.

The story is one that touches on the fears of any modern-day parent of online teens and draws from many a tragic news story.  The parent's reactions? I can't exactly say if I find them consistently realistic or not, especially because I've not been in that situation. Overall seems plausible, and the cast delivers really well on their performances.  Sure it could be a Lifetime flick, except it's way better produced, acted and directed.  The family is a bit too picture-perfect at the start of the film for my taste, but then I do understand they need to be that way to contrast the impact on the family.

Honestly I watched it primarily because of the cast. The story was pretty much how I figured it would be in general, the details of the story not so much. Schwimmer did a great job directing this.  If someone asked if it was worth seeing I'd probably say that if you're in the market for a film about the subject go for it. You won't lose out on anything by seeing it or not seeing it.
Will this do for the internet what "Jaws" did for beach swimmers? If it does, it'll be for a select demographic, not nearly as wide-reaching. I suppose it'd be a great scare for parents with online younguns in that teen age group. And hey, if your online teen seems oblivious to the dangers, maybe this'll trigger some thinking.
Probably not a good training film for budding online predators.  The details they leave out will get you caught. Just sayin.

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