04 November 2011

Movies: Hanna

Hanna (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0993842/

Thriller / Action flick

Hanna was raised in isolation in Finland by her father Erik where he taught her how to hunt, fight, survive, and  book-taught sciences and languages. As the story unfolds you discover Erik is an ex-CIA operative and he's raised Hanna to be an assassin, specifically to take out the CIA handler he once worked with, the one who killed Hanna's mother.

Stars Saoirse Ronan as Hanna, Eric Bana as Erik. Bana you've probably seen in quite a few flicks, like the good flick "Munich", or "Troy", or the "Star Trek" reboot film, or perhaps "The Hulk".  I've seen Ronan in "The Lovely Bones" and "City of Ember". She's a good young actress that shows lots of promise to go far in the industry. Cate Blanchett plays the mean ol' CIA handler Marissa, you probably remember her best as Galadriel from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, or a few of other good films like "The Missing", "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", "Hot Fuzz", or the latest "Robin Hood" flick.

Cast did well. As Ronan played the central character she carried most of the film and did excellent. Not only in delivering dialog in an accent that seemed consistent from start to end of the film, but also in her action scenes. And lots of running.

The film has decent action scenes, cinematography and locations. The story and how they tell the backgrounds of the characters works well. Although some plot parts aren't new to film, the story as a whole is assembled well and is a refreshing departure from the glut of recycled and remake films the industry has shoveled on us recently.
I noticed one of the locations seems to be one used in the "Aeon Flux" film. It's a unique place, the Berlin Windkanal. After a bit of Googling I found out they built a small section to replicate it and used green screen and CGI for portions of the shoot.

Worth watching, makes a good Friday Night popcorn film.

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