04 September 2011

Movies: Tangled

Tangled (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0398286/


The Rapunzel tale from the Brothers Grimm. Sort of. It's Disney's version of Rapunzel.

About all they took from the original Rapunzel story: Rapunzel, she sings, she has long hair, she lives in a tower,  Gothel took her from her parents (albeit under different circumstances), Gothel and Rap's beau climb up her hair, Rapunzel cries tears on her beau. Everything else - Disneyfied. 

If you've read the original Rapunzel you'll spot all the differences immediately. If you've seen the movie first, I recommend reading the original anyway. It isn't that long. It should be freely available on the internet because the story is way out of copyright. For example, check out Project Gutenberg's Household Tales by Brothers Grimm and search for Rapunzel. It's a very quick read.  But the fact that Disney changes up classic fairy tales is no secret, so I can't imagine why anyone gets their undies all twisted up when they do that. I figured they would, they did, no problem. It's still good to read the original tales. They've shaped and influenced western literature for hundreds of years, which is why it is important to read them.

Despite the Disneyfication of the story it is a very entertaining film for the whole family. Maybe a little scary at times for the little ones, but not overly so, just enough to get a PG rating. Good voice casting, some recognizable names in the cast too. Very bright colors, almost like an animated painting.

If you've viewed many of Disney's animated features you'll recognize recycled ideas from previous features, but Disney has been doing that for decades with many of their animated films. The animation is top-notch, as one should expect from a Disney film, the rewritten story works in its way, has enough child-friendly thrilling action sequences, the characters are lovable/hate-able (as required). Some of the songs aren't extremely memorable, and mercifully they don't dominate the feature. Some of the songs work great in the context, others, not so much. The memorable sidekicks were Maximus the horse and Pascal the chameleon - both had good bits in the show and weren't annoying like singing candelabras and clocks and stuff.  Pascal is just cute, and the interplay between Maximus and Flynn (Rap's beau) is amusing.

It's fun, funny, lighthearted fare as one expects from Disney. If you're a Disney fan, even as an adult with grown kids, it's worth the watch.

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