22 August 2011

On the dearth of August film reviews

August 2011 seems to be shaping up to be the month of the significantly least number of film reviews.
Prior to August I seemed to be putting out a review every day or two, whereas August seems to be shaping up to average maybe one review every 3 to 5 days.

Sorry about that.

It isn't for lack of desire to watch films. More like too much watching other stuffs.

I don't review every film I watch here. Sometimes I'll end up watching a favorite film again, or maybe re-watching a film or two I've already reviewed just to see if the second viewing changes my first impressions.  And some films I just don't feel like reviewing at all. For example I just re-watched Beavis and Butthead Do America. There's no reason to review that.

I don't review every documentary I watch either. And after having re-discovered some really great programming on PBS, I've been watching a lot more than I used to. Plus there's been some good documentaries on the premium channels as well. But I don't always feel compelled to point 'em out.

There's been some watchable episodic television series this summer season too. A few more than I usually watch.  Especially weird (for me) is how SyFy sucked me in on series like Haven and Alphas. Warehouse 13 already sucked me in its first season, mostly because WH13 doesn't take itself that seriously, the cast has fun, and it makes the series more enjoyable. There's been a few new series on the premium movie channels I've been watching, and some older faves that have returned.  So glad Breaking Bad is back on.  Plus there was Falling Skies, Wilfred, Louie. I started regularly watching Jon Stewart and Colbert instead of watching piecemeal, and added The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to the lineup as well.

Plus there's the few reality series I watch, like Big Brother, America Gots Talent, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef and Expedition Impossible. BB is especially time consuming because of Showtime's Big Brother After Dark. Although I didn't watch the first 10 seasons I finally got sucked in. There's something compelling about trying to analyze the game and where people's heads are at. Luckily DVR technology allows me to fast forward through the more boring parts. Except for the live Thursday shows I already know what the state of the game is before the Sunday and Wednesday shows air.

Plus there were shows on various Discovery channels like Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, Curiosity, Wonders of the Universe. Investigation Discovery seems to always suck me in too. Various shows on National Geographic. History Channel's Top Shot started a new season too.

So yeah, I'm still doing a bunch of watchin, there's just been a glut of TV recently consuming time.  I'm sure things will balance out soon.

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