11 July 2011

Movies: Meskada

Meskada (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1461249/

Crime drama. Stars Nick Stahl, Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints), Rachel Nichols, others.

The story revolves around the investigation concerning a child killed during a burglary in Hilliard township in Mesakada county that leads to a smaller, poorer township of Caswell.  Hilliard detective Noah Cordin (Stahl) grew up in Caswell and tries to use his old friendships as a means of investigating there as well. As the murdered child was the son of a county board member she uses her influence to begin blocking industry from buying a 5-years abandoned plant in Caswell. The new industry would provide 400-500 much needed jobs to the economically hard-hit Caswell.  Small town loyalties and rivalries begin interfering in the investigation.

I do take umbrage at film summaries that say the kid was 'accidentally killed' during the robbery. There is no 'accidentally' when the child surprises you while you're robbing the place and you whack 'em in the head with a pry bar. That's not a spoiler. The film isn't a mystery.

I saw this film primarily because I saw the trailer, thought it might be interesting, and saw it starred Nick Stahl. After seeing him in HBO's Carnivale and films like Sin City and Bully I keep an eye out for anything he's in. Yeah - Terminator 3 isn't the brightest spot on his resume, rather miscast IMO.
The film had good to great performances from its primary and supporting casts.

However, the film is deliberately paced, as in plodding. Slowly. Plus there's a few plot issues that aren't entirely resolved. Sure that works in some films, but this film wasn't quite good enough to get away with that. The characters, conversations, events and overall story just weren't quite compelling enough to make up for it. So, good as the performances and technicalities of filming went, the overall film feels slow and flat.

Yes I enjoyed the film on some level, but not enough to be recommending it to anyone. A shame, too, because the cast did so well with what they had to work with.

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