20 July 2011

Movies: The Mechanic

The Mechanic (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472399/

Action / Thriller - a little more on the action and less on the thriller.

In this film's context, a 'Mechanic' refers to a 'hit man'.  Arthur the hit man works for a group that contacts him, gives him a job, he kills 'em, they pay him money. Some assassinations might be messy and obvious, others may be subtle and thought to be accidental or natural deaths. Just depends on the needs of the hit. In any case, Arthur the hit man is hired to take out his mentor, his father-figure, the man who trained him. Apparently the mentor took money to blow a job that got five of the company's assassins killed.  Much as it pains him, he takes him out. But his guilt prods him to reach out to his mentor's son, protect him, to take him under his wing.

Stars Jason Statham as Arthur, Donald Sutherland as the wheelchair bound mentor, Ben Foster as the mentor's son. Plus a few other supporting actors you'll recognize.

Definitely a film that plays to Statham's strengths as an action film star. Much like his roles in films like the Transporter series. Could almost be a transporter if it wasn't so assassiny. This easily could've been a decent Luc Besson film from the looks of it.  Foster gives a good performance as well, he's been pretty consistently good as an actor so far. Sutherland's performance is effortless as anticipated.

Has some decent fight scenes, gunfights, headshots, even an edge-of-the-seat scene involving a garbage disposal. The opening sequence before the title card is kinda neat too. Good bloody violent fun :)

The story premise isn't exactly original, nor is it exactly unpredictable either. But that's okay - it's written rather well, acted well, filmed well. I didn't see any glaring issues. Despite some serious stretching of the suspension of disbelief in a couple spots, which is pretty much expected in action-thrillery films these days, it is still a worthwhile and entertaining action / thriller film.  Easily meets the RMVA (recommended movie-viewing allowance) for action/thriller films.

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