16 June 2011

Movies: Splintered

Splintered (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1016241/

A British-import horror film.  About a group of young college-aged kids taking a weekend to investigate the area around a farm where the news has just reported that a mysterious creature had attacked a farmer and his sheep.  The film centers around Sophie, her best friend, her best friend's brother, her best friend's boyfriend, and her best friend's boyfriend's friend. Some other folks show up from time to time.

Yes, the brother has a crush on Sophie, the boyfriend's friend wants to sex up Sophie, the best friend and her boyfriend want to sex up each other. All this tension causes dumb arguments between them.
We also get flashbacks to events in Sophie's past that sort of explain her interest in tracking down potential monsters. Of course her interest in cryptids and the supernatural is a source of needling by most of the rest of the kids with her on this campout weekend.  Except best friend's brother - who plays the meek "i got a crush on her so I'll worship from afar" type. He wouldn't pick on her - he wants her to notice he's nice and maybe that'll impress her enough that she'll notice his tent. (they're camping - he has a tent - you know...)
At night mysterious noises are heard, a chase through the woods splits Sophie and the boyfriend's friend from the rest of the group, and a mysterious old abandoned building is stumbled upon. Sophie ends up locked in a room, all by herself.

A plot loaded with influences from many low-budget horror films past that involve teenagers/young adults.  No real surprises. Not much depth to the characters beyond Sophie's past. Heck I don't even remember anyone's names because there is no real reason to do so.  The cast performs their roles okay, no big acting stinkers in the lot, but they don't really have a great script to work with either.  Not especially violent or bloody. Has some scenes that ratchet up the thrill a little.

So yeah, I suppose the film could be surprising to anyone who hasn't ever seen a horror film before, otherwise it's just old hat. Not especially entertaining old hat either. Just average in all ways.

I won't recommend seeing the film, I won't dissuade you either. I'm forgetting about it as I type.

Lucky for you, as of the date this is posted you can't even rent this one via Netflix.

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