11 June 2011

Movies: Middle Men

Middle Men (2009) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1251757/

Drama based on a true story. How true? No idea.
It's about a guy who is a problem-solver and how he got mixed up with a couple of idiots guys who innovate a porn on the internet business and turns it into an internet credit-card clearing business. You know, the business that keeps charges to sites like GrannyTrannies.com or GiantMechanicalPenises.com from showing up on your credit statement by putting the charges under a less-revealing and less-embarrassing name so the spouse doesn't find out.

Has a decent ensemble cast with Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, and a great performance from James Caan. You'll probably recognize Kevin Pollak, Terry Crews and Kelsey Grammer, possibly a couple others too. 

I haven't seen 2010's "The Social Network" yet so I can't draw comparisons except that both involve telling the story of influential internet startups. This film didn't seem to get near as much buzz, though. I stumbled upon the film rather by mistake. Probably heard about it in a podcast or something.

I thought it was an entertaining drama, a little tongue-in-cheek-ish. Of course since it covers the development of an internet porn business there's lotsa scenes with naked breasticles.  A Russian mobster is involved so there is some violence as well. It isn't really a docu-drama in that it isn't presented in documentary style at all, more in a feature film style.  The extent of its truthiness I can't vouch. It appears many names of people and businesses were changed for the film, and I'm sure some character composites took place as well.

I liked the film - the story portrayed was interesting and entertaining. The start of the film was mildly disorienting because the narration style was kinda 'cutsey' in telling part of a story, pausing to jump back a little in time to give some background, then jumping back again before actually moving forward. Once that business is over the film settles in to tell the story with occasional narration to fill the gaps in time and background knowledge.

Not a blockbuster, not an absolute must-see, but worth the time if you've nothing else going on.

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