20 March 2011

Movies: Winter's Bone

Winter's Bone http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1399683/

A drama/mystery/thriller about a young 17yr old girl (Ree) in the Ozarks who takes care of her two younger siblings and her mother - they have practically nothing but the house and land it sits on. The mother is catatonic, her father is a meth cooker that had been arrested, got out on bail and disappeared. The cops are looking for him, his court date is soon, and the bail bondsman informs her that her father signed over the house and property as collateral against the bond. If he doesn't show up, the family loses everything and has to move.  The story follows Ree as she tries to track down what happened to her father.

Beautifully shot and acted. Great core and supporting cast. The story, locations and people populating the story are believable. Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Ree, does an outstanding job holding this film together. If she had failed in her role the film would've fallen apart.
 The pace might seem plodding to some. I felt it moved along at the pace it needed to take, it didn't linger in places longer than necessary to advance the story.

In some ways it reminded me of No Country for Old Men - not in story or circumstance or anything like that - just as a dark gritty drama with intense moments. Just sit back and watch everything happen sort of film.  All substance and no flash.  Solid from start to finish.  Highly recommended for those who enjoy a good strong drama.

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