18 March 2011

Movies: Let Me In vs. Let The Right One In

Let Me In (2010) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1228987/
I saw this after I'd seen the original 2008 Swedish film "Let the Right One In".  This is based both on that film and the book "Let the Right One In".
A couple of name changes from the original, Owen instead of Oskar, Abby instead of Eli. The kids are the same ages.  It is almost a beat for beat remake of the original, though some beats were rearranged slightly, and the tempo was increased to a more "American" moviegoer pace.  This film hits every major point the original did. It did tell the audience about Abby and her protector's relationship and revealed her nature a little bit earlier than the original. Also has a little more following of Abby's protector than the original.  However overall it did center more on Owen and Abby more than the original, despite watching the protector a little more.

A very good remake that honors the original. Worth seeing, especially if you aren't in the mood for a subtitled Swedish film. Watch this one and you've pretty much seen the same movie. I really liked the film, and it is refreshingly different for a vampire movie than the standard fare - more traditional and much less sparkly.

Bonus: Chloe Moretz stars as Abby. You might remember her as Hit Girl in the film Kick Ass.
Great supporting cast too, including the kid that played Jack Shepard's son in the Lost final season.

Let the Right One In (2008) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1139797/
2008 Swedish film about Oskar - a bullied 12yr old boy who falls for his new next-door neighbor Eli, a 12yr old girl who happens to be a vampire.  Note that "Eli" is pronounced like "Elly" - which is way more feminine.

Even though the dialog is completely subtitled for us Americans who don't speak Swedish, it's still a powerful flick.  Very much more a traditional-style vampire. They have to be invited to come in. What was great was including a demonstration of what happens if the vampire enters without invitation. And sunlight does cause bursting into flames. Nice.

The story is completely uncluttered. It concentrates mostly on Oskar's interactions with the bullies that torment him, other people in his life, and his developing relationship with Eli.  There are a few visits to see Eli's protector trying to do his job feeding her and a small side story (but part of driving the plot forward) involving a couple of Eli's victims.

Shot well technically. The pacing is a little slower than American flicks tend to have, but not so much as to drag the story. Did a good job keeping the viewer involved in the story, had some really cool scenes too.  Didn't have to show too much either, just enough that your imagination fills in the rest and it's pretty amazing.
Acting seems spot on. It is tough to tell on line delivery due to my not speaking Swedish. The gal playing Eli did a decent job of portraying a maturity from her unknown number of years (but probably a lot) stuck in a 12yr old body, as well as balancing being the predator she is against holding back while her relationship develops with Oskar, especially after her protector sacrifices himself to protect her identity - as she has to now cultivate a potential replacement.

If you really enjoyed the American remake, and have a hankerin for comparing remakes to originals, this is a great pair to see. For me it was worth the 'reading captions' effort to see this original. It is that good of a film.

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