25 March 2011

Movies: Barry Munday

Barry Munday http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0482461/

When we first meet Barry we are shown he tries to be a ladies' man, ends up sleeping with any gal who actually succumbs to his clumsy overtures, lives with his mom, is the laziest dude at his workplace, pretty much a grown-up child mess. Barry had sat down in a theater next to a teenage girl, her father arrives with a trumpet and de-testiculation occurs. Barry wakes up in the hospital with no memory of what landed him there and finds out the doctors had to remove his testicles. Soon after that he finds out he's in the middle of a paternity suit, filed by a woman who claims she had a one-night stand with Barry, though Barry has no memory of the woman at all. He decides he wants to meet the mother and ultimately stick it out as a father figure.

Pretty much the story is Barry's development as a person after losing the boys.  The story moves and ends predictably, has a few amusing scenes along the way.

It's a comedy with heart and warmth. Not a 'comedy night with the guys' sort of comedy - more a 'see with the special someone' date comedy, approaching chick-flickyness but not quite.  Stars Patrick Wilson (Night Owl II in Watchmen) as Barry and Judy Greer as Ginger - the mom-to-be.  Has a decent supporting cast of A and B listers, including Malcolm McDowell, Cybill Shepherd, Bill Dee Williams, Colin Hanks, Kyle Gass, Chloe Sevigny ... yeah - no shit - quite a supporting cast. 

Now, as to why Patrick Wilson didn't learn his lesson in Hard Candy and stay away from teenage girls I couldn't say -- but had he not sat next to that teenage girl in the movie theater then we would have no launching point for the film.  It took the traumatic event to put Barry in a place to react to the paternity suit in a way totally different from how his character had been established. Which is what does make the movie work, in its way.
I doubt it'll be overly memorable for me, except that the dude lost his nads to a trumpet, which will probably be enough to go "oh yeah, I did see that film"  at some random distant point in the future, slowly fading until years from now I just say "eh? what's that? never heard of it."

It's okay, technically filmed well and acted well. The cast works well together.  Considering Barry's empty bean bag the changes to his personality are understandable, and Wilson and Greer work well together in their situation. Plotwise - there's some things that show up and disappear abruptly, like Barry's psycho ex-ish girlfriend, but they're forgivable. As a whole the movie isn't great, but it isn't terrible; it's amusing enough but not necessarily laugh out loud.   I didn't dislike it. And it does have character growth, and it ends up in a warm happy place.

As I mentioned before - more of a comedy for couples.  One of those 'laid back don't feel like laughing soda out my nose tonight' types of films.  So that one night the two of you grab some popcorn, curl up on the couch, fire up Netflix streaming and say, "what should we watch? I dunno. Just anything." Start clicking along and you'll see this one. Go ahead, might as well. At this point you're not invested in watching anything else in particular, you know?

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