20 February 2011

Movies: Yesterday was a Lie

Yesterday was a Lie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0448182/
A supposed homage to black-and-white noir mystery/crime thrillers of the 40s, a detective is on the trail of a scientist that might possess reality-bending powers.
As I have a liking of noir crime thrillers I thought I'd give this modern stab a shot. Before viewing the movie the trailer/description led me to expect a Dark City / Memento sort of experience.
It was neither. Especially because Dark City and Memento are awesome movies and this one isn't awesome, isn't at all like Dark City nor Memento, and only looks noir because it is black-and-white with 40s-style wardrobe and cars and locations mixed with 2000-era computers and cellphones.
There is always the chance I wasn't in the proper viewing-mood for this film and that's why I didn't really like it, but I think that is a very slim chance.
I caught on to the disconnected time flow-feeling as events unfolded and was able to comprehend and reassemble the scenes; I caught on to the mixed-era feeling and use of black-and-white to intentionally compound the viewer's disorientation. I didn't mind the cast either - they did fine. I understood what the movie wanted me to ultimately understand at the end. The movie just went nowhere in many directions and left me feeling like I wasted my time watching it. I had no "oh wow" or "holy shit" moment. Just a "phew there's the end credits" moment. mebbe it should be titled "This Movie is a Lie".

(original post 20 April 2010)

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