20 February 2011

Movies: Year One

Year One http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1045778/
Jack Black being Jack Black in a movie full of poop/pee/fart/sex/homosex/physical jokes. It takes biblical stories, stacks them in a pile, bends them over and sodomizes them for about an hour and a half.
SO what's bad about the movie?
Exactly. This movie lands squarely in the as good as it is bad category, which makes it much higher quality than gems like "Meet the Spartans" and "Epic Movie". As if that takes effort.
co-Written and Directed by Harold Ramis - so it does have that working for it. Unless you hate his movies, then it's bad.
I think a lot of complaints I've read might have come from folks who weren't raised with biblical stories, because catching half the jokes in this movie requires some awareness of old testamenty stuff. So it should work for folks raised christian or jewish, maybe muslim too (not sure on that one, have to ask a muslim friend I suppose). I'm guessing the folks that have no clue on biblical stories are going to be very lost as to who is who and why what just happened is supposed to be funny.
It's dumb, it's corny, it's Jack Black and a bunch of other funnier folks you should recognize.
Pairing up Michael Cera with Jack Black? It works. Weird, I know, but it actually works. The two play off each other quite well.
So if you don't mind watching movies that kindof require awareness of subject matter to understand the subtle jokes, and don't mind a little a bunch 'some' bathroom humor in the mix, and don't mind Jack Black (or can at least stomach him for a while), give it a whirl off one of the movie channels or streamed off of Netflix or something.

(original post 24 March 2010)

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