20 February 2011

Movies: White Squall

White Squall http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118158/ 
Directed by Ridley Scott. That was enough for me to want to watch it. 
Plot: set in the 1960s. Based on the true story of the Albatross, a teaching ship that sails as a floating school for troubled teen boys that need discipline. The ship gets hit by a freak storm while at sea.
Released in 1996, stars Jeff Bridges, John Savage, Scott Wolf, Jeremy Sisto, Ryan Phillippe.
The bulk of the flick covers the crew on their voyage, showing us the characters, their backgrounds, and the lessons they learn along the way. The storm and its aftermath aren't encountered until the final quarter of the flick - because the journey is as important as the destination. Which is a long way of saying "coming of age story" with "disaster".
The story is told rather straight up - it doesn't have as much sensationalism as a movie like this could have piled upon it, which is a testament to Ridley Scott's ability to let a good story tell itself without bludgeoning the viewer with over-the-top manufactured effects and drama. 
If you like drama/disaster films, and/or enjoy based-on-real life events films - definitely worth watching. 
Then again - it may move too slowly for folks accustomed to being thrown into the middle of disasters with explosions and shark attacks and fisticuffs and 5-minute long cast drownings with lots of underwater choking and screaming then going limp with eyes bugging out, because it doesn't have any of that. If you don't enjoy coming-of-age flicks this probably won't work for you either.

(original post 9 May 2010)

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