20 February 2011

Movies: Up in the Air

Up in the Air http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1193138/
Caught this one 'cause of a lot of buzz about the flick, including a neat couple of interviews with folks behind the picture that I heard on NPR, both last year and right before the Oscars.
Basically George Clooney's character is a dude that companies hire to come in and fire their employees so they don't have to do it. And he's racking up frequent flyer miles, so his personal goal is to hit the 10million mile mark. He gets teamed up with a gal straight out of college that is spearheading a project to tele-fire people over video conference - because it's cheaper than flying people in to fire them.
Overall -- I liked it. Good story. Good acting. Well, Clooney is Clooney but he does a great job of being Clooney. Vera Farmiga wears only a tie in one scene. Or should I say her body double does. But that's not important. It's only a tie.
What really helps this movie is the scenes of interviews with fired people. Because, well, they're real interviews with real fired people and they say real things. Really. Didn't seem like they were acting at all. Well, there are a few interviews that are actors but they're easier to spot because you've seen these actors before.
The movie plays out pretty well from start to finish, generally very believable, although some bits seem a little hurried or shallowly handled. Regardless, an enjoyable drama if ya like drama flicks.

(originally posted 12 March 2010)

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