23 February 2011

Movies: The Uninvited

The Uninvited http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0815245/

A 2009 thriller about a young girl (Anna) who is released from the mental hospital 10 months after she attempted suicide, which she tried after her sickly mother died in a mysterious fire. She returns home with her father to find that the home care nurse that once was helping with the mom is now her father's girlfriend. After Anna sees the ghost of her mother, Anna and her sister Alex suspect the nurse had something to do with the fire and start digging into the nurse's past. Overall it has a softball feel for a thriller, but that is effective in that it helps sell the plot through to the end.

The film is a remake of a Korean thriller, which I've never seen, but from some accounts does the original work justice. Pretty good flick if you enjoy thrillers with a supernatural bend. Good casting helps sell the movie too. The primary actors are Emily Browning (from Lemony Snicket) as Anna, Elizabeth Banks as Nurse Rachael, David Strathairn as the father. First big feature film for the directors the Guard brothers -- they did a good job. Very mature production considering their seeming small amount of experience (per IMDB credits).

Worth watching if you enjoy thriller flicks, and don't require them to be bombastic action/gore/ghost-fests.

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