22 February 2011

Movies: Torn Curtain

A Hitchcock movie. I like Hitch. Most of the time.

An American physicist secretly defects to East Germany.  His fiancee/assistant follows him when she realizes he lied about his destination, only to get caught up in his defection. She wants to be with her future hubby, but refuses to give up the secrets of the American nuclear weapons development. Little does she know he's actually spying for the US nuclear program -- he's there to steal knowledge from East Germany's top physicist and then get smuggled back to the US.  He's so sneaky - there's no way the East Germans will ever figure out he's spying.

Stars Paul Newman and Julie Andrews.
Big names, should be a great film, no?
I dunno - for me the two seemed completely miscast for their roles and this film. It just didn't work for me.  No chemistry between 'em.
This movie just sortof moved along from start to finish. It was fine, the story was fine, the performances were fine.
Usually for me the good Hitchcock films all seemed to take time setting up, slowly weaving story in a complex web that, at the end, suddenly balls up and punches me in the stomach so hard that I'm exhausted and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
This flick just kinda laid there like a throw rug the whole time.
I realize even Hitch can't hit 'em out of the park every time.  I suppose if you're a Hitchcock complete-ist (*have to watch all his stuff) you should watch this, but if you're just into Hitch's best, I don't think you'll miss out if you skipped this one.

(original post 19 Oct 2010)

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