22 February 2011

Movies: The Square

A construction boss has an affair with a girl (apparently) half his age who happens to live across the river from him. We don't know how they met, we just know they're doing it. She discovers her good-for-nothing husband has stashed a large amount of very colorful Australian currency in a bag in the attic crawlspace. She wants to steal it and run away with Mr. Twice Her Age (how do these guys score chicks half their age like that?).
He, in turn, is setting up deals hiring sub contractors who give him kickbacks for hiring them. He keeps promising Little Tart he's getting money together so they can run away together, just as soon as he dumps his wife and finishes this last job.
Little Tart is getting restless, he's not getting any, he decides to go with her plan. So they hire someone to burn down her house during a pre-Christmas community get together. She secrets the cash away, the arsonist sets fire to the house, and .... you gotta watch the movie to see all that happens next.

This is basically a procedural drama/thriller - following events from start through finish.
My viewing partner (the wife) found it ploddingly boring, whereas once I caught on to the pacing I just let it run its course. Then again, I've had more Hitchcock/Polanski/Kubrick training than she has.  It isn't so much plodding as steadily paced. As opposed to "BOOM-intro-intro-BOOM-breathe-breathe-BOOM-rest-rest-BOOM-end of movie" type pacing.

So yes, the movie does move along at its pace, then picks up right at the end to tie almost everything together.  More like 'smolder-smolder-smolder-smolder-Oh!-smolder-smolder-smolder-BOOM!' pacing.  
One thing I sortof liked, though, is it isn't neatly packaged for the viewer at the end. One is left wondering about the resolution of some ancillary story items. Which sortof mirrors how real life goes sometimes, no?

Stars: a bunch of Aussies, I guess? I dunno. Only one I recognized right off was David Roberts. From what I wasn't certain until I looked him up -- he's in Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions.  And Little Tart was acted by Claire van der Boom. I have no idea who she is, but her name is kinda cool. van der BOOM!

I liked it for its procedural drama thrillery ways, but if steady paced movies bore you this probably will too. Except for the end when you get the BOOM. 
I say 3 of 5; the wife said 2 of 5 :(.  IMDB says 6.8.

(original post 27 Nov 2010)

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