23 February 2011

Movies: The Spirit

The Spirit http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0831887/

Frank Miller (author of the graphic novels the movies Sin City and 300 were based on) directs this flick based on the Will Eisner comic series.  It's portrayed in the Sin City movie style.

Stars Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Gabriel Macht.

Hmm. To put it nicely - I think Frank Miller has a better sense about putting graphic novels together than directing a movie. I realize there's a lot of similar things involved in both pursuits, but movies kind of need a certain kind of flow sensibility to them, which Rodriguez achieved in Sin City, that Miller seems to lack for some reason or other.

The film felt way more like a comic than a movie  - in the depth of explanations and time spent in scenes resulted in a movie paced like a graphic novel.  In Sin City Rodriguez achieved a film that had a graphic novel feel to it, whereas The Spirit feels like a graphic novel acted out by people.  The pacing and event beats that graphic novels can get away with because of how people read and absorb things doesn't work in movies. In a graphic novel they can skim some things, go back to verify if need be, whereas movies don't have that sort of luxury as the audience has to sit through it all at the pace delivered by the film.

How close this is to the comic? I dunno - never heard of it before. The film was entertaining in its own way, but if you watch this basing expectation s on Sin City or 300 you'll probably be disappointed. So if you do watch it, just don't have expectations and see where you fall on the like/dislike scale after it's over. 

(original post 4 Jan 2011)

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