23 February 2011

Movies: Pin

Pin http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095871/

A doctor uses ventriloquism to speak for a medical dummy to entertain his young son and daughter, and sort of keep them in line.  Well, as the kids grow older, the son just keeps on believing the medical dummy can talk.  And it keeps getting weirder.

This 1988 low-budget horror thriller drama starring the awesome Terry "John Locke is on your Island fucking shit up" O'Quinn as the doctor. And a young often-seen in modern SyFy channel B-movies actor David Hewlett as the son. 

Sufficiently weird, messed up, and entertaining to be worth watching sometime if you like weird messed up horror flicks.  Not too much blood or anything - just really oddball in an entertaining way

(original post 4 Jan 2011)

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