22 February 2011

Movies: A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0971209/
A honeymooning couple in Hawaii is hiking to a secluded beach and end up hiking with a couple they met on the trail. When the two couples meet some other hikers along the way, everyone hears news of a pair of murders on the main island - by a couple that is suspected of fleeing to their location. And to spice things up - there's a third couple that are rather menacing to the first couple early in the flick after a botched hitchhiking attempt, and they are HIKING THE SAME TRAIL. Oh noes - three couples to choose from and one couple is psycho killerz.

A drama/thriller/mystery/action flick by David Twohy - the man behind Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, abunchaotherflicks and Waterworld (but we won't hold that against him will we?). Yeah, as a director Twohy has been sortof hit or miss - but he's a lot more hit than miss. Enough that I don't avoid his flicks.

Stars Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich, Timothy Olyphant, and Kiele Sanchez.
If you don't recall, Kiele Sanchez was "Nikki" of Lost's "Nikki and Paulo" fame. But she actually does pretty decent in this flick.  In Lost I couldn't wait for them to kill her off. In this filck - she does good.
And Timothy Olyphant is that Ryan Secrest-looking dude from Live Free or Die Hard, and Hitman, and some other flicks. Perhaps you've heard of the series Justified? Been in enough stuff to be easily recognized.

I hadn't planned on watching this flick again, but it happened to be on Cinemax. And, even though I'd seen it quite a while ago, and still remembered the twists in the movie and how it ends and stuff, I found it to be a pleasant watch the second time around. Perhaps it was worth this second watch this much later because instead of concentrating on figuring out the mystery before it was told to the viewer I was able to pay more attention to the details of the performances and locations and conversations, to spot the cues I missed the first time.

Good action sequences, good thriller sequences, decent mystery that gets explained for you near the last 1/3rd of the movie. Decent script, decent lines for the actors, decent acting from all, great scenery, and overall a great ride of a movie. Actually some impressive continuity of character acting through cuts in some parts, which I hadn't noticed first time through. Kudos to the main actors in this film. Plus Kudos to David Twohy's use of the term "Red Snapper" to flat out explain what a red herring is to the audience as he waves red herrings in the audience's face. sneaky.

Definitely worth watching. Good movie-night movie. Worth seeking out to rent if you're stuck for an idea for something to see.

A mostly unrelated aside: near the end of the flick there is a police lieutenant in the helicopter played by Holt McCallany, who you've probably seen in Fight Club as The Mechanic, and in bit parts in a bunch of other flicks. One of those "hey I recognize that guy" types that you never know his name. The whole reason I ever spot this guy in movies is because he was in TNT's "Rough Riders" as Hamilton Fish. The two weeks I was an extra on that film (yes I was an extra in Rough Riders) I saw that guy everywhere and didn't even know he was a working actor - I figured he was an extra like me. He even ate meals at the extras tables with us all the time. But after that I kept seeing him in movies and can't help but say/think "hey it's that dude from Rough Riders".

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