22 February 2011

Movies: Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1179904/
Boyfriend/Girlfriend are haunted by some thing that's haunted the girlfriend since she was 8.
Creepyish noises. Moving doors. Mayhem. Pandemonium. Yelling. 

Cost $15000 to make, earned $9.1 million first week in theaters.
Almost The Blair Witch Project model 8 years later. Make a cheap movie with unscripted unknown actors, but this time they invested in a tripod. So less motion sickness for those of you who throw up playing first-person shooters.

And, for their effort, it's not a terrible movie. Not entirely original, but it's a decent reworking of a classic styled ghosty-story into a small and personal scale. That scale being inside a house the whole time.
Scared the wife a little bit, which is my gauge to determine if a movie is scary or not. Because I tend to not get scared by scary movies, I tend to chuckle at 'em or analyze their gory scene techniques or something. Heck, I should rate the scary movies based on the quality of hoots and screaming the wife does.

So if you are scared by scary movies that work more on the 'what you don't see' level, this might do it for ya. If you don't fall asleep waiting for something to happen. Oh - and watch the alternate ending too. I preferred the theatrical ending, I think it was a better one, but the alternate (original) ending probably would've worked too.

I say this movie is 'almost Blair Witch model' because Blair Witch had a much better marketing effort. Blair Witch got shopped to the masses via an hour long (I think - or was it 1/2 hour?) documentary-style commercial that was on SciFi channel (I think it was SciFi). In any case, prior to Blair Witch hitting the theaters it was marketed as a real story with real people made out of footage found in the forest by people searching for them. Blair Witch gets points just for their marketing. Plus, even though Blair Witch cost $22K to make, they earned more.
IMO The Blair Witch actually pulled this low-budget style off a little better. But hey, P.A. hit the masses and earned some $$, so it is successful.
And me, I'm still waiting to see a scary movie that's actually scary to me.
And I don't plan on watching the sequel.

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