22 February 2011

Movies: The Oxford Murders

Stars big-eyed Elijah Wood (Frodo!) opposite a wrinkly but still awesome actor John Hurt.
American grad student (Wood) goes to Oxford to study under mathematics professor (Hurt), and stumbles into a serial-killer murder mystery thriller, each seemingly linked by symbols developing into a pattern.
This Spanish-heavy English-language production did have a couple noticeable post-production voice dubbing issues on some of the less-significant characters. There was some cuts/leaps of story that were rather jarring as well. However there is a really noticeable (and well executed) 2+ minute "long shot" that takes you from inside a building, out on the street, through a bookstore, then back on the street and leading up to the discovery of the first murder. It wasn't a true long-shot, there were some very subtle cuts, but stitched well enough to seem seamless. Bonus: there are significant things in the long shot that factor into the film.

Decent murder mystery/thriller/drama overall with lots of math talk that probably makes real mathematicians groan, especially with hints of things one has already seen in The Da Vinci Code, but overall was an enjoyable flick. Unfortunately the story resolution depends on -- well if I say it I spoil it. I'll just say it wraps up a little aggravating.  Ignore that stuff, the movie isn't so bad. Luckily for John Hurt there's no chest-burster this time.

I said Spanish-heavy production earlier. Basically what I meant was a lot of the folks behind the scenes are from Spain (from what I could tell by the credits), although there is some French influence as well.  The production was filmed in the UK and it is an English language production.  What I was trying to hint at was the film's construction is a little different than typical American-produced movie fare. However it isn't really a problem for the most part. Just a little aggravating at times.

And, get this, Elijah Wood has a sex scene in the movie.
With a woman.
For reals!
The scene itself aint nothin special, except for the breasticles. But good on him for making it with a chick this time.

(original post 13 Nov 2010)

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