23 February 2011

Movies: The Other Guys

The 'other' spoof buddy-cop comedy movie.  This one starring Will Farrell and Mark Walhberg.  Yeah, it also has The Rock, Samuel Jackson, Derek Jeter, Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes...

Now, this flick did have some humorous moments, and I realize it is modeled to be a complete send up of over-the-top buddy cop flicks like Lethal Weapon ( I suppose ), but my gosh it was painful to sit through at times.

SO, either my sense of humor is so completely not what this movie targets or this movie really sucks.  I caught the references to pop culture, technology, recent news, etc. It isn't as if the attempts at humor went over my head - I caught 'em and they just weren't that good. It was too inconsistent. It had lame call-back gags, although the Wahlberg character callback was probably the most amusing (we are surprised to learn that while growing up he learned ballet, harp, art criticism just to better pick on the fairy kids). As I admitted, there were a couple of things in the movie that were amusing, but it there wasn't enough to make it more than an OK movie to me as a whole and I really struggled to stay awake through it.  
If someone could please explain why this movie is supposed to be super funny please tell me.

(original post 15 Jan 2011)

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