20 February 2011

Movies: Moon

Moon http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1182345/
Plot: Astronaut Sam is nearing the end of a three-year solo stint on the far side of the moon. The company he works for mines that side of the moon for helium-3 and ships it back to Earth, which is used to provide 70% of Earth's energy needs. His job is to keep the automated harvesters running.
Early in the flick, just about when we were wondering what happens if this guy gets hurt while he's out there all alone, we get our question answered.

This Sci-Fi flick is from 2009 - and I never heard of it before. I just happened to stumble upon it checking out the cable on-demand channels. Stars Sam Rockwell with Kevin Spacey - Yep - two doses of awesome. Decided to watch the movie based on that alone. Glad I did. Definitely worth a viewing.

Not a bad sci-fi flick at all. Unless you require your sci-fi to be full of rockets and explosions and aliens and stuff. More of a "2001" type of sci-fi - thankfully without the 30-minute flyover of the lunar surface. "2001" in feel, not a copy of 'computer goes apeshit and monkeys crush skulls'. Actually paced better than 2001 - Kubrick films always seemed to stretch things out so long your legs go numb. Really - it isn't like 2001 in story at all, just how it feels as far as sets and special effects. I mean that the sets and effects don't intrude on the story, they just carry it along and keep everything feeling real.
Still - an interesting story, coherent, decent character depth and development, Sam Rockwell kicks ass as an actor. Kevin Spacey does his usual acting job, unfortunately his emotional depth is relegated to smiley faces. But it works.
Again - if you need your sci-fi to have explosions and aliens and stuff, probably not your kind of movie. If you like thinking character-driven stage plays and this one just happens to play out on the moon - it'll be worth the watch.

(original post 23 April 2010)

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