20 February 2011

Movies: Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0457400/ 
Decided to watch this out of curiosity knowing full well it was going to destroy my childhood memories of the Saturday morning "Land of the Lost" series back in 1974-76. I watched that show religiously.
Then again I'm sure that watching the original "Land of the Lost" now as an adult would destroy my childhood memories of the series. Sure even back then I could see that the chroma key screen effects were crappy, and they recycled the stop-motion dinosaurs a lot. But I didn't care. 1974 Holly was my first crush, after Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island of course. 2nd crush was Kim Richards - Tia of "Escape to Witch Mountain" (1975) fame. 3rd was Pamelyn Ferdin who showed up in a lot of different TV series and Disney stuff.
Enough with the tangent of girls I had childhood crushes on - on to the movie:

Similarities: The title, characters named Marshall, Will, Holly, Enik, Chaka, Sleestacks, a T-Rex and an Allosaurus.
Differences: the story and pretty much everything else including all the major characters. Special effects and CGI were way better.
I was correct - totally destroyed the childhood memories. They totally changed up the story. Heck in the new version Marshall isn't Will and Holly's dad - they are all unrelated adults. Which probably works out best considering Marshall and Holly kissing and all.
Had its funny moments, kind of. I guess. Story was almost coherent. I guess. Still had to make huge allowances for things like Holly already knowing how to speak Chaka's language because she worked with monkeys for 3 years or some shit. But my expectations were low, so I let pretty much everything slide. Except that it just isn't a good movie. So-so, perhaps.
So yeah - I guess it was worth watching on HBO because it happened to be on. Doesn't need to be said there are better funnier movies out there, but there are plenty of worse flicks out there too. Heck - it'll probably be on TNT or TBS or Comedy Central or something within a year anyhow. No rush to see it.

I wonder how folks who didn't grow up watching the original "Land of the Lost" interpreted/felt about the movie. I have a feeling I gave it some 'allowances' just out of unconscious nostalgic reasons. It might've been worse than I thought. Or better? I dunno. I don't really care. I saw it, don't need to see it again.

(original post 9 May 2010)

Edit: I caved in and rewatched part of this when it hit the pay movie channels. (sigh) I admit I chuckled at some spots, but it was nigh unwatchable again.

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