23 February 2011

Movies: Igor

Animated. About an Igor in a land of Evil Scientists and Igors. Only this Igor is smart.
Casting of some high-profile stars for the voice work. Steve Buscemi's Scamper character is probably the best (and most entertaining) of the cast, though Eddie Izzard worked his Dr Schadenfreude character well.  John Cleese's Glickenstein was good, but thoroughly wasted (nowhere near enough screen time).  And John Cusack is the title Igor character. 

I don't like hating on movies, but I am really hard pressed to get a stronger positive than 'dislike' for this one.  Actually I had a tough time finishing watching the flick. I could recognize what the core story was they were trying to tell, then I could see all the crap that was bolted on to stretch the flick out to feature-film length. Ugh. It doesn't take just a good story core - it takes good layers around that core to help tell the story, not just a bunch of crap stapled and duct-taped in place.  Animated films like this really drive home how good and special almost all the Pixar feature flicks have been.  
So - the film probably works for little kids unless they're budding little Leonard Maltins or Roger Eberts.

(original post 15 Jan 2011)

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