20 February 2011

Movies: The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0907676/
A direct-to-video slasher type horror film.
Premise: Student film maker is obsessed with an 80s-era slasher film titled "The Hills Run Red" that was supposedly so brutal that all copies were destroyed/vanished and only a trailer and some stills remain to tantalize student film makers and extreme slasher-horror fans who live in parental basements past the age of 18. Thus student film maker tracks down the only known daughter of the 80s-film director and then talks his best-friend cameraman and girlfriend-sound(wo)man into making a documentary of their pilgrimage to the 10-years-dead director's old home in the middle of the woods in the middle of nowhere to search for what may be the last remaining copy of the original film.

To avoid confusion, has nothing to do with "The Hills Have Eyes" series of flicks - the only correlation is "The Hills" occurs in both titles. Same goes for any films that have the word "Red" in the title.

Film had potential from the premise, but jumps solidly into the lap of run-of-the-mill slasher fare with blood, gore, tits, little-known "actors" "acting" all over the place, telegraphed "twists", etc. Well, there is one known character actor - William Sadler - you've probably seen him in tons of stuff. It is a shame when story and character potential gets lost in cliched mediocrity. 

I think it's summed up best in a viewer comment titled "horrible mess with tits" - "a total crapfest at its worst. enjoy". 
If you like, or have a soft spot in your heart for, slasher films, this is probably worth watching once. Wait for one of the movie channels to carry it, toss it in your NetFlix queue, or wait one of your friends to rent it. If slasher-horror films aren't your thing you aren't missing anything.

(original post 8 March 2010)

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