20 February 2011

Movies: The Haunting in Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0492044/
A movie-ized version of one family's haunting after they move into a house they later discover to be an old mortuary. Kinda like Amityville Horror. Oh wait - both cases were investigated by the same couple (Ed and Lorraine Warren)? And all their notes and observations were destroyed in a flood? Go figure.
Amityville was made up. $10 says this was made up too. By 'made up' I mean people's imaginations ran wild and the stories were embellished by Ed and Lorraine.

Didn't scare me or startle me. Too much predictability, no real development of atmosphere, disjointed and seemingly unrelated events strung together for cheap scare attempts. Chock full of hollywood-cliche haunting things plus additional fictionalizations to embellish the original tale. Apparently the original tale wasn't scary enough. 
Might strike fear in folks who are scared when the word 'ghost' is used in a sentence. 
The only real character development centered on sick-son and (in the loosest sense) the mom -- the rest of the family were cardboard props moved about in the house to make it seem 'lived in'. Although I generally like a couple of the cast members (Virginia Madsen, Elias Koteas) when they're in movies, they can only do so much for a role as written. And they don't have being Christopher Walken going for 'em, so you can't blame 'em too much.

Although I didn't particularly like the movie, if one gets scared when someone yells 'boo' it might seem like a decent scary ghost movie. At least one could surmise the son's cancer treatments brought on his hallucinations. Dunno what drugs the rest of the family was taking. Maybe it was old funeral home chemicals and fumes.

Of note: the REAL son (that the main character is based on) refused to be interviewed for the DVD's special features, although the real Mom, brothers, and cousin had no problems being interviewed. I chuckled that the opinions of the childhood friends and neighbors amounted to "lol what a bunch of hooey".

(originally posted 1 March 2010)

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