20 February 2011

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Written and directed by Christopher Nolan. The man who brought us Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Insomnia. Yeah that guy. This 1998 flick is his first feature-length film and precedes his first big movie Memento. My guess - he got backing for Memento on the strength of this flick.
Plot: A loner who fancies himself as an aspiring writer follows strangers he thinks are interesting. One catches him, they talk, the stranger admits he's a burglar, then makes loner's life all the more interesting.
Sortof a noir drama-mystery-thriller type flick. Story is cut together in an interesting way - where some pieces of the story are shown early, then fleshed out later after preceding events are exposed. Sortof reminds me of Memento in that regard. A trial run perhaps. Not completely Memento style but clearly a good foundation for making Memento work as well as it did.
I've liked all the Nolan films I've seen to date, some more than others. This one, despite being one of his earliest works, stands every bit as strong as Memento and The Prestige. Especially considering he didn't have the budget he had for his later flicks. 
If you enjoy C. Nolan's movies, especially if you enjoyed Memento, this is definitely worth watching, if only to see how Nolan's directorial style has developed over time.

(original post 8 May 2010)

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