22 February 2011

Movies: The Final Destination

OK - the first "Final Destination" flick was written by James Wong and Glen Morgan, regular writers for the X-Files. It was actually intended to be an X-Files episode, but it never made the show, so they made it a movie. No problem.
But this sequel is three flicks removed from Morgan and Wong. I knew better than to watch this flick, but I did 'cause it happened to be on HBO and I was between Netflix deliveries. I know better than to waste time writing about it, but I did anyway.

For a gruesome series of creative death scenes tied together with some weak supernatural BS glue the original Final Destination was an OK movie. The second one tied closely enough with the first to be a sequel, or maybe a "sequel", but one could already see the developing trend of "how do we kill someone off this time" one-upmanship. And this sequel screamed "any more movies after this are going to suck worse". And they did.
Yeah, I saw Final Destination 3, and knew it was going to be bad, and it was, so I had no intention of even bothering with #4, but #4 was on HBO, so, you know, whatever.
Ugh. I would lament I'll never get that time back in my life to spend on something more worthwhile, but that growing pile of "time I wish I had back to spend on something more worthwhile" is so large by now it is probably better to not waste any more time lamenting the loss of the time and spend that time on other things more worthwhile. Of course I then blow all that saved non-lamentation-time on this note.

So. This movie does nothing for the "Final Destination" franchise except add the word "The" to the title. It adds nothing new to the mythology, it just brings crappy special effects and more forgettable cardboard stereotypes. It is the worst of the bunch. If none of that dissuades you from seeing it - have at it. Even if you're a stickler for seeing all the movies in a series (Saw and Hellraiser franchise come to mind) this really isn't worth it. You won't miss out on anything. Honest.

(original post 11 Aug 2010)

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