22 February 2011

Movies: Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1244659/
A drama based on a true story about the efforts of a husband and wife pushing to find a cure, or at least an effective treatment, for a deadly genetic disorder that affects two of their children, and the doctor they backed. So I guess this is a 'historical drama medical discovery' type flick.

Stars Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, Keri Russel. Yep, good ol' hit-and-miss Brendan Fraser. I swear that guy is in some of the dumbest, stupidest movies ever, then turns around and knocks a performance out of the park in an awesome flick. Except this flick isn't really awesome. It is fine. Probably average-to-upper-end average type flick. (3 of 5 stars, or 6 of 10, depending on how you'd rate flicks).
Good performances by the cast. Story gets told. Has the potential for hearts to be uplifted, if you have one. But it just felt kinda 'meh' to me overall as a movie.

I actually preferred the 'historical drama medical discovery' movie titled 'Something the Lord Made' - starring Mos Def and Alan Rickman - about heart surgery pioneers Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock. That movie is superb. I think that was one of the HBO documentary series movies.

So if you happen to like the 'historical drama medical discovery' movies this flick won't hurt to check out. If you're on the fence either way, I probably wouldn't recommend going out of the way to see it (unless the wife likes those sort of films). "Something the Lord Made" is definitely something worth seeking out to see if you want to see a movie of that type.

(original post 5 Aug 2010)

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