22 February 2011

Movies: Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1226273/

A Crime Mystery Industrial Intrigue Thriller, based on a British TV series, starring Mel Gibson as Thomas Craven.

He's a father and a cop. His daughter returns home, pukes blood, and as they step out the front door to rush to the hospital someone yells "Craven" and shoots, missing him and killing his daughter. So now he's gotta job to do.

Pretty decent supporting cast, directed by the guy who directed "Casino Royale" and "Golden Eye" (among others).

Kept my attention from start to finish, although parts of the ending wrap-up kind of irked me. Only one scene really stepped over the 'suspension of disbelief' boundary, but I let that slide after a little effort. Had to keep the plot moving.

Perhaps some of the story does get lost in compressing a series into a film like this. It sets no standards, breaks no new ground, but is still entertaining and worthy of a viewing. Lands in the 'good enough to watch once' movie pile.

And, as batshiat crazy as Mel Gibson can seem to be sometimes these days, he still did a heckofajob.

(original post 27 Sep 2010)

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