22 February 2011

Movies: District 13: Ultimatum

District 13: Ultimatum http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1247640/

Luc Besson. Got the "scenario writer" credit. Didn't direct it, and no script writer has a credit.

Hmm. What lesson was instilled by "From Paris With Love"?

Regardless, it was actually a better movie than "Paris". Probably because it was filmed in France with French actors who could actually perform some amazing stunts.

The stuntwork and hand-to-hand combat in this film are really good - on the order of "Transporter" good.

The acting? Meh - can't really get a feel when the audio is dubbed into English. Especially when the voices just seem wrong in a humorous way.

The story? Got more unreal and into broken suspension of disbelief territory as the plot unfolded.  

It was entertaining. I realize this is a sequel to District 13, which I never did watch. But I don't think I'm gonna miss out.

If you like cool action sequences, fight scenes, leaping through windows and across building gaps stuntwork, this is a decent enough film to watch for that stuff. If you liked Transporter - same thing.  It's a sit back and watch the stunts/fights sort of film.

Just don't try to resolve the plots weird unrealities - it'll ruin the experience.

It aint Luc Besson's best, but it aint his worst either.

(original post 19 Oct 2010)

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